Four Strings Utah is a St George music store located inside Your Family Still Matters. We offer a full line of instruments for sale and rent, along with all needed accessories and supplies.  That's right, in addition to violins we carry all orchestral and most band instruments.  We also feature a large selection of guitars and ukuleles.  So if you need a method book, some fun music, or accessories then we are your one-stop-shop.   

Instrument Rentals  We offer the best Rent To Owninstrument rental programs for orchestra instruments and band instruments.  High-quality student instrument outfits starting at just $15 per month and 100% of rent applied towards the purchase of your instrument or any upgrade. 

Advanced level instruments starting at just $25 per month.  Is your student ready for an advanced violin? With two years or less of dedicated practice and performance, a student can hear the different tone qualities of an instrument.  At that point, we recommend that the student play several different instruments to find the one that fits their individual sound preferences and skill level.  The more a young student enjoys the sound of their instrument the more motivated they will be to play.

Instrument Repairs We also offer expert in-house instrument repairs in St George Utah.  No need to spend extra time and money to send them to Salt Lake or Las Vegas.  Have your instrument repairs done right here in Southern Utah at Four Strings Music Store.

Instruments For Sale We have the largest inventory of Violins, Violas, and Cellos of any music store in the Southern Utah and St George area.

We also sell instrument accessories like strings, bridges, rosin, straps, cases, mutes, and more. We are owned by Your Family Still Matters LC. Our sister companies include YFSM Store, which is the best Utah food storage company, and, which is the best place to buy paracord.

Visit our music store located at 900 S Bluff St in the Holiday Square inside the Your Family Still Matters store in St. George, Utah.  Call us at 435 628-7042.

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